Hey I am middle aged women in my early 40′s. I took divorce from my husband 6 years ago and since then I was living alone with my daughter. My daughter age is 18 and we lived in an apartment in Delhi. This is very shocking thing in my life few months ago we don’t have that kind of openness in terms of showing our body.
I have never appeared in front of her anything less then jeans top or salwar kameez (obiously after I stopped breastfeeding) and she too a kind of conservative girl, who likes to change in bathroom or if in a room then locks it from inside. One time she came back from the school and I prepared her food and went to his room to give her food.
when I reached in her room, she was changing her clothes and in her top and panty she’s holding her skirt in her hands ready to wear it but then she saw me and hide her panty from the skirt.
I said okay I am your mother but she’s too shy that shows what type of conservative girl she is actually it’s not a story rather it is sequence of events that occurs that forced me to think about my daughter in a different way.
Usually I woke up early morning and finish my daily routines before her wake up. Because her school timings are from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm we have an attached batroom in our bedroom and we both mother dauhgter sleep together.
So I take bath before my dauhgter woke up in the attached bathroom normally I came out of bathroom only in a towel wrapped around my boobs and changed in the room while my daughter sleeps. That day too I came out of bathrooom with a towel tied around my breasts. I took the jeans from the drawer and put it on. I avoid wearing panties when at home. Then I remove my towel that leaves me in only jeans.
My boobs hanging free although I don’t have that big breasts but they are well shaped.then I took a bra and put it on ,then a kurta(top). All this while in the room and thinking that my dauhgter was sleeping but I was wrong. I was shocked when I saw that my daugter was lying on the bed but her eyes are open. O my god she’s watching me while I wore the clothes she’s seen my breasts I just can’t say anything.
She says morning and I replied and I went out of the room. I don’t talk about this matter with her that day. But I was constantly thinking about my breasts exposed to my daughter offcourse she’s seen them sucked them, touched them but that was when she was an infant now she is 18 year old girl with her own boobies.
After that day my attitude towards my daughter has changed a bit. I became freer with her. Now I change my kameez and top in front of her and she watches my bra and the boobs beneath them by the corner of her eyes but still she won’t open up in terms of his body she’s still changes in closed.
One day when she came from school there was raining and she’s completely wet. Her school shirt was stuck to her chest showing her bra clearly. I gave her a towel and told her to dry herself.
She took it and went to the bathroom after sometime she call me and ask for her clothes. I was making dinner and my hands are messed up with the wheat flour so i told her to take it herself to go to the bedroom she has to pass through the kitchen when she pass through the kitchen she was in her panty and sameez(camisole) first time after many years I saw her without outer clothes. There was a little itching in my nipple area.
I was aroused by my own daughter. Then one day I went for shopping with one of my friends. I bought jeans for my daughter when we came back she was at home in a salwar kameez.we all three sat in the living room ,then i asked my daughter ,” Anu lets try it, see how it fits……”.
But she resists (later i found out the reason that she was not wearing a panty).but as both me and my friend insisted she agrees.
When she took the jeans and start going to the bedroom, my friend said,” Anu change here, I’m your mother, why to shy, she looks at me and give me a confusing look. I assured her.
Then she starts opening her salwar knot and then lower the salwar, it fell on the floor it was a sin, but I was enjoing my own daughter milky legs.
Then she took the jeans and pulls it up on her thighs, dong so her kurta rise upto her thighs, that made me realize that she was not wearig panties not that her pussy area has shown but i know above what height the panty line should start then she closed the button of the jeans while she forget to pull up her zip.
Then she turns around to us for showing the fitting but I was thinking about smthing else. Knowing that she don’t pull her zip and also not wearing panties, I thought it’s a great opportunity to see her folds.
So i told her,”Anu sit down and see if the jeans has the right fitting at the thighs”when she sits down the zip of the jeans spread open to reveal her soft folds of pussy. Although she don’t recognize that yet but I was enjoing it my friend then said,”Anu don’t you wear panties your pussy is visible. On this Anu tries to close the zip but it got stuck then my friend Reeta ask Anu to come near her.
Then Reeta hold Anu jeans zip from the bottom and tries to pull up the zip in doing so her fingers touched Anu’s pussy lips and she shivers a little after trying sometime Reeta said it’s better to change into your salwar on this Anu removes the jeans this time her kurta was little upward making her pussy quite visible but now she’s not minding it anymore then she wears her salwar and went to her room.
Two year later, Anu’s in the high school.On one night, I felt a pain in my back,so I asked anu to give a massage to me .then i remove my top and lie down on the bed. Anu takes some oil in her hands and applies to my back on reching the bra straps she said mom can u get that bra off or it may got wet with oil. I said ok, and remove the bra.now i m totally naked above my pants Anu was massaging very softly sometimes her hand would slip off and touches the outline of my breast.It was 11 pm in the night, so I felt a little sleepy.I said ,”anu it’s okay, I m felling a lot better now,wouldn’t you mind If i sleep just like that(without my bra on , with my back upwards) otherwise the oil may spoil the clothes”.
Anu: its ok mom then she switch off the light and sleep adjacent to me.Next morning when I woke I was on my back with my breast pointing the roof and Anu was in the bathroom. I thought of covering my breast but then i heard the bathroom gate opening ,and I just kept my arm around my eyes and acts like i’m in sleep,
Then Anu came out of the bathroom in a skirt and camisole.she looks at my breast 4 sometime then takes the towel and re-enter the bathroom. after some more time she comes out, this time she was just in a towel and a camisole.then she turns around facing away frm me.then she removes the towel showing her nicely shaped buttocks then she removes the camisole and take a frock from the drawer and wear it (mind you no camisole no panty) all this time
I lay on my back pretending to be sleeping with my boobs naked. then she came next to me and calls me .I opened my eyes and look at her standing next to me staring at my breast.I sit on the bed covering the boobs with my left hand and asked,”what r u staring at? She said “nothing and gives a naughty smile after having bath and breakfast we went to the garden the sunlight falling on her from behind made her already thin frock completely transparent.
One can clearly see her whole body beneath the frock.I said come inside and went to the bedroom.
me: Anu you seems quite lazy,let’s give you a massage
anu: ya mom I love to then I made her lie down on the bed and start massaging her legs,up to the knees.then moves a little upward to her inner thighs she closes her eyes and from her face you can figure out that she’s enjoining .
Then I made her turn around and rubs her legs from behind then I move her frock up just below her hips.and rubs her inner thighs then i pull the frock up to her chest that made her back ,her hips totally naked now she starts making some sounds. I rub the thighs, on the hips, squeezing them, upto her neck. In process I insert a finger in her ass crack and ask her. Anu why don’t you wear panties?
While my fingers still in her crack. She doesn’t say anything. Then I made her turn and lie on her back now she is totally exposed, her eyes still closed. I moved my hand from the toes to the knees then the thighs then a gentle rub on her pussy lips.she was starting to leak juices then made a circle withe my fingers around her navel.
Then moves onto her breasts they were not big but the nipples are very stiff and pointing towards me. I massaged them squeeze them even licked the nipples once. Her body shaking furiously now then I remove my top and free my breasts and push them into anu’s mouth she’s sucking them like anything.
I was also getting very excited now then I insert my finger into her pussy it was all wet she’s now throws her arms around me .both of us are very hot now then I moved downwards and start licking her pussy. She’s now moaning very loud now.I increased the speed. Then her body twitched and she jerks her hips very hard 2-3 times, before throwing the juices. I drank them all. Even after she finishes I sucked her pussy for few minutes.
Then I lie on the bed and made her sit on my navel and told her to squeeze my breasts. She’s doing it very fast.while i fucking my pussy with my fingers then I crossed her in my arms ours boobs r crushing each others. Anu’s vagina was touching my navel. Now my l inserted my left hand finger in her ass again and with my right hand I m fingering my self. Then I incresed my speed of both fingers and shoots the cum high in the air.
Both of us are tired now and we lie down there went to sleep in each other arms. After 2-3 hours on hearing the doorbell we wake up. I cleaned my self and start wearing my dress which would take time, so I ask anu to see who’s at the door. She then wears her frock without panty or bra and went to open the door. It was the milkman, who stared long time on anu’s breasts as they were quite visible from the frock if you like this story then please comments me

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