Hello readers this is Nitin once again. I hope u have read all my previous stories. I have some impressive responses and some very daring offers. Everyone is welcome. Sex is a thing to enjoy and let us enjoy it to the fullest. I mostly write stories under couples section but this time I wanted to share a different story. Although this is a true story that happened in the office but I have changed, the female involved here. Cause this time I wanted to put my fantasy into writing too. Let me give me a brief intro about myself. I am 30-year-old person from Bangalore. I enjoy sex to the fullest and as u can make out from my id name, I have a thick fat 9-inch cock. In addition, I like to put my cock to the best use. Those who want to see it in action live can write to me at nine_inch69 at indiatimes.com
This story is about me and a married colleague on him. Let us call her Heena. She is a good-looking full-bodied female from Bangalore itself. She is been happily married but does not have kids. She is tall, and has developed nice fat hips and ass in last 6 months. I am sure her husband has been pumping his dick in her ass quiet often. I have once even told her that her that her ass has grown big she smiled at me looking a little embarrassed. She has good smooth skin, and nice boobs that compliment her figure. She wears formals and at times salwar kurtas too.
We are a part of the same team so get to spend a lot of time with her. She is quiet open and frank. However, I have to maintain decency. After all if I do something wrong my whole career would go down the drain. However, I make sure I talk something related to sex everyday with her and then check her reaction. Yes I know I am bad but it is not easy to fuck a woman that too a sexy woman. It takes a lot of hard work. All the women who agree with me can write to me at nine_inch69 at indiatimes.com or you can ping me at lov_games6969 at yahoo.com
Therefore, we have known each other for more than 6months now. We danced together in office party too. However, what happened on that particular day changed things forever. The day started just like any other day. We all were busy with our respective work. In addition, like any other company we were talking on the instant messenger. She had not been feeling ok for last few days and we were talking in general about office things. Then purposefully I turned the topic towards sex. MTV has couples of programs on air that have love and sex as their main theme. Therefore, we were talking about that and how openly people are ready to sleep with others. Heena being a married woman always took the conservative side of the topic and I egged her on by saying its normal for people to sleep around. I said I can sleep if I find a sexy girl too, whats the harm in it. She was like no-no how can people do it. I said it is very easy it can be done in the office too. She was like how? I said we can do it in the office bathrooms they are well maintained clean and very safe there are no cameras in there. I also told her that we can take a comfortable position and enjoy the whole thing. I guess hearing all this she must have felt wet in her pussy. I was trying to read her expressions my eyes met her eyes. In addition, she was like a bit nervous. I think maybe she was imagining how it would be to have sex in office.
I did not want to miss the chance; I asked her casually what she thinks about the idea. She said she doesnt know. I said it is a good idea. I suggested her corner bathroom for women, which are least, used. She said what you mean. I said nothing –if we want to have sex then we can have there I said innocently. Then said want to try and winked at her; and then looked at her from top to bottom with my eyes full of lust. The message was loud and clear. I was craving for her body from the 1st day her sexy boobs were waiting to be sucked hard by me. Her soft pussy waiting for my long and strong fingers. She still looked nervous. I had to make the move I stood up and told her that I am waiting for her in the pantry. I went ahead in the pantry and poured some coffee for myself. After 5mins, she walked in. I had a smile on my face at least she was responding to me. She took some coffee, sat next to me, and looked at me. I again gave a look saying I want your sexy body please let me suck your nipples. I told her I want her now. She said how? I repeated the thing. I asked her to go to the women bathroom and check if anyone is inside. If no one is there then signal me to come in. then we can have sex in a closed cabin. Normally no girls come to this loo. She was like are u sure. I said dont u want a 9-inch cock entering your pussy right now and fucking you like crazy.
She went to the loo I was just hanging outside as if talking on my cell. In 2mins, she signaled me to come in. I went in and we moved to the last cabin and locked it from inside. She was wearing a shirt and pants that day. After locking the door, I turned to her and then pushed her to the wall of the cabin. I did not want her to talk too much. I started to kiss her neck and cheeks slowly and placed my hand on her sides feeling the skin of her body. She was responding to my kisses with low moans and her breath was getting hotter. I moved to her lips and tasted them after waiting for 6 months they felt so soft and so sensual I ate and ate it. I then opened the top button of her shirt and then opened another one and finally opened all the buttons and could her her white cotton bra with nice protruding nipples. I cupped her boobs, took a part of her flesh in my mouth, and sucked it hard. I moved my hands behind her, opened the bra hooks, and removed her bra completely. It was a remarkable sight. She was completely naked on the top with her pants and shoes still on. She looked like a hot sex goddess.
She was also loosing control and went directly to my pants to open them. I made her sit on the commode, opened my pants, and lowered my jockeys. She looked surprised with my size and thickness. However, she was pleased too; she wasted no time in kissing my 9-inch pole and started to moisten it with her saliva. I loved it. She was good at it, taking my thickness easily and deeply in her throat; I asked her are you enjoying it her response was a satisfied look with closed eyes. I wanted her to stop so that I could fuck her too but she was not letting her go.
Finally, I pulled her back and took off her pants and panty she was naked and I went on my knees to kiss her hairy pussy. She was already wet and was spreading her legs to give me more space. Her smell was driving me crazy. She was playing with my hair and pushing my head in her pussy. I stood up and asked her to sit on top on me, while I sat on the commode. I cock got in her easily, we did not have a condom so she was asking me to be careful. However, by then I was out of my senses and pushing hard into her and she was responding with moving her hips in tandem with me. We were careful not to make much noise. As we could hear girls coming in and going out of the loo. I kept pushing harder and harder into her I could reach the depths of her walls. She was breathing heavily and her nails were stuck on my back. My mouth was on her nipples sucking them hard and fucking her at the same time. I few moments we both were ready to flow and together we cummed giving a sensation only felt by those who have had such an experience. We cleaned ourselves and got dressed. Then I asked her to go out slowly and check if there was someone in the loo or outside and then signal me to come out.
All this was done without anyone noticing it and an event to remember. All of you who had similar experiences in office or elsewhere can write to me. 

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