My name is Geetha.My husband is an instrumentation engineer working 
in Abudhabi.we are just married 4 months ago.After marriage he was
with me only for 1 month and then he went for gulf job.My age is 22.

Initially for 2 months I managed the separation.But now I am finding 
it very difficult.I used to internet cafe for voice chatting with my 
husband. That time I happened to see some vulgar pictures and stories 
on the net which made me more problem.

My husband will come after 2 years only.Till that time I was finding 
it difficult to control my sexual desires.After my husband left for 
gulf job,I decided to stay with my in laws house only.There only 
father in law there.Mother in law died much earlier.

I decided to tell my problem openly to my husband.While voice 
chatting i expressed my problem to my hubby.He as a modern man 
understood my problem.Then he himself asked me what is my view.I said 
you will come after 2 years only.I do not want to get engaged in any 
affair with outsiders.He agreed my view and told I do not have any 
brother also to take care of your sexual desires.

I was happy to hear such thing from my husband.I told only your 
father ie my father in law is there at home.He laughed.Meanwhile net
connection off.

I came to house.That day only I found my mamanar was looking at my
body when I was at some work.Once when I was sweeping the floor by
looking down,my mamanar looked at my mulai.Now I understood his 
desire.I was mentally prepared for relation with my mamanar as there 
is no other alternative

Next day morning pradhosham day.I took early bath and did namaskar to 
my mamanar.He took me from down and slightly embraced and wished.I 
got excited.Perhaps he also.I was in his lap for some time.I did not 
move away.Utilising the chance he kissed my wet lips suddenly.

I got shy and ran to my room.He came to my room and "Kattipudichar" I 
"vendam mama, nan unga marumagal"
"Athanal ennamma,un problem enakku therium,un husband enakku phone 
panni ella vishayamum solli vittan"
I got now more shy and closed my face by my hands.I asked my mamanar,

"En husband enna sonnar"
"Avan varum varai ennai unnai kavanikka sonnan, unakku ok thaane"
"Illai mama yarukkavathu therinthal"
"En age, unakku appa mathiri, yarukkum doubt varathu, Ok"
"sari mama" I said with more shy.

He came near me with more right and kissed my lips without any hurry.

Piragu ennai nalla katti pidithar.En mulai yai pisainthar.

I got full mood.It was morning 11 o'clock.
Then he laid me on the cot and fully spread over me.Then about 5 
minutes he kissed my lips,Then pressed my mulai by both ands and 
pressed my pundai also.I got more mood than I used to have with my 

Now he removed my dresses and made me naked and he is also same,

He showed his erected sunni to me and told for next 2 years this is 
your property.I got happiness.He told me to touch.
Enakku vetkam romba vanthathu.I went near his sunny and kissed.
He said,
"Enakku en marumaga pundaiya pakkanum"
"Inthanga mama, unga asai maumaga pundai"
"Vaa unnai nan nalla okkiren"
" seekiram olunga mama"

Then my mamanar fcuked me in different styles at varous palces at our 
home.He asked,

"Marumagale mamanar oll nall irunthatha"
I smiled and said "Super mama"

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